Daily Attitude Email 04 04 22


What would Jesus do?

This simple abbreviation that has made its way onto everything from bracelets to tattoos is a reminder of an important part of the success process.

In order to become successful and achieve something we have yet to accomplish, we must act in ways that are different than how we currently act.

One of the ways of understanding how to act differently is to think in context of how someone else would act in a similar situation. In this example, Christians work to act in a way similar to how Jesus would in a similar situation.

Think about something in your life that you would like to achieve or do differently than you do today.

Want to lose weight? What would a skinny person do?

Want to become physically fit? What would an athlete do?

Want to become wealthy? What would a wealthy person do?

Want to become more self-disciplined? What would an achiever do?

Whatever your goals in life, I can assure you that there is someone out there who has done it before.

We need only seek out the stories of those people and emulate what they have done in order to have similar results. Find a book, an audio recording or a training course from someone to model yourself after and study it. Don’t just read or listen, study it.

Start the journey today of studying someone that has been succesful where you want to be successful.

Make it a great day.



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