About This Blog

This is the blog form of an email that I send out every Monday through Friday.  To be added to the email, just ask.

A brief history…

The emails started out as merely a means to holding myself accountable for spending a couple of minutes daily on improving my attitude and perspective on life.  I told our sales team at Mavidea that I was going to send them a quick summary or share a video of what I had learned, read or listened to that day.

Over time more and more Mavideans (Mavidea employees) asked to be added to the list until I finally started sending it to everyone in the company.  Eventually, those Mavideans (and myself) started forwarding on or talking about the emails with others outside the company and I have added a few non-Mavideans to the list.

I finally came to the conclusion that my “system” for managing and storing previous emails left a bit to be desired so I decided to create a blog form of the emails hoping to get a little more organized.

I also realized that creating a blog form of the emails would allow me to more easily share with others outside of the current email list.


The emails come in a couple of different flavors.

The standard flavor is the “Daily Attitude Email”.  These are typically sent/posted Monday – Thursday.  I usually include a quote, a video or just some random Jake thoughts and write a little bit to inspire you to think, take action, be thankful, or something else of a (hopefully) positive nature.

The “Friday Morning Toe Tapper” is usually an upbeat song to get your Friday started off right.  I have NO musical talent, skills or taste, so forgive me for the eclectic style and music choices.

The “Phrase That Pays” is sent on Friday’s as well.  At Mavidea we have a Friday manager’s meeting and everyone is requited to give their phrase for the week.  I send these out with a quick thought or two about someone’s quote for the week.


Saved the best for last.  Why keep doing this?  Why keep sending emails day after day?  Two reasons.

First, pure selfishness.  By having a list of people to send to, I am forced to spend time daily thinking and writing about something positive.  This has yielded immeasurable positive results in my life and continues to be an important part of becoming the person I am hoping to become.

Second, I am actually adding value to someone else every day.  It may not be everyone every day, but I get enough positive responses from everyone to know that it is making a difference.  Which has led to one of the biggest lessons learned from sending these:  despite all of my personal shortcomings and idiosyncrasies, I can and do make a positive impact on others when I share.

My sincere hope is that this blog (or the emails if you receive them) make a positive impact in your life.



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