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Friday Morning Toe Tapper

This song seemed appropriate in honor of Mavidea’s anniversary this week.

Don’t stop believing – that it can and will get better.

That our team, processes, clients and relationships will get better.

Don’t stop believing that a team of people doing business for the right reasons can and will succeed. That our future is bright and worth working for.

Make it a great day.


Daily Attitude Email 06 02 22

Today is my brother Bill’s birthday.

He may not know it but he had a part to play in Mavidea getting to 15 years old too.

Part of my plan if things had gone sour was to move in to my brother’s basement (he owed us from when we let him live in our basement for a while after college). Maybe not the most well thought out plan (I had many like this), but it let me be a little more free with the idea of taking on some risk and making some of the hard choices early on.

Many of you on the DAE list were part of those back up plans and hair brained ideas about how to make this thing work whether you knew it or not. Having loved ones, friends, family, etc. around in case things went sideways made things easier and less stressful (and still do). The list of who deserves a thank you here is too long to type up, but if you’re getting this email – you’re on it.

The point here is that we can risk the small stuff (businesses failing, money, jobs, etc.) if we have the big stuff (relationships, love, family, friendships) in place.

The love and support of family and friends helped Mavidea become something it wouldn’t have been otherwise.

Who needs your love and support?

How many lives might be enriched through this support?

Happy Birthday Uncle Bill and thanks for the support!

Make it a great day.


Daily Attitude Email 06 01 22

Today is the day we recognize Mavidea’s 15th anniversary (I think we figured out one time it was technically the 4th or something).

Maybe I’m just getting old and nostalgic but I’ve had the opportunity to share a few of the Mavidea stories from over the years in the last few months.

All the stories have something in common – they were moments when we decided the kind of company we were going to be.

We were going to make sure the employees got paid even if the owners didn’t.

We were going to drop everything and drive a hurting employee to the emergency room.

We were going to keep pushing even though it all seems dark, we were out of money and it sure didn’t feel like things were going to change.

We were going to be transparent with staff and share our plans, financials and other business details so that we could all be in it together.

We were going to put people first.

Over time we became Mavidea (and now Maxlider, Technocentra, etc.). We turned into a company that made it to 15 years. We survived the Great Recession, COVID and Erik in a too tight bunny suit. We survived losing our biggest client, losing staff and partners that left.

All through God’s grace and mercy. As the years rack up, I’m more and more thankful for God’s blessings. I feel lucky to be a part of the story that He is telling through our business. ALL of the stories point to Him. Not to the owners, the staff, our brilliant decisions, the technology, the strategy, or any of the other important pieces to the puzzle.

Thanks to all of you who receive this email – even if you don’t work at Mavidea – you’ve been a part of the story. You’ll be part of the future story. The part where it gets really good. The part where we change and grow into something even more amazing.

Make it a great day.


Daily Attitude Email 05 31 22

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them." – John F Kennedy

This is a great reminder for the day after Memorial Day.

We are grateful.

Each day is an opportunity to live with a heart full of thankfulness.

To be thankful along the way to all those we interact with.

To make sure that thankfulness is what we are known for.

What might be different today if you chose a little more gratitude?

Make it a great day.


Friday Morning Toe Tapper

Another school shooting this week has us all questioning the world, our place in it and what to do next.

We wonder if it’s the guns, the violent video games, social media, the schools, the government, the system, etc.

We wonder what would drive another human being to such a desperate and dark place.

Our hearts break as we hear the counts, the stories and see the pictures of lives cut too short.

Solutions seem illusive and out of reach.

I’m not going to pretend to have it figured out, but I do have a suggestion – we start with love.

We work each day to love those around us a little better. We make love a verb in all aspects of our lives.

We make sure that every person that crosses our path feels loved.

This is an us problem – not a them problem.

Make it a great day.


PS – This message resonated with the song above because the surest way to fill our lives with love is to fill our hearts with the source of love. God Himself. Without it, I don’t have a chance at showing the kind of love I need to show in order to turn the tide of the darkness of this world. Through God all things are possible.

Daily Attitude Email 05 26 22

"The Shortcut to Contentment"

Comparison drops you at the dead-end of discontentment every single time. Whether you come out on top and feel guilty, or don’t measure up and feel short-changed, comparison always leaves you dissatisfied.

But there’s a secret to overcoming it: gratitude. The shortcut to contentment is thanking God, and it works no matter which side of comparison you’re on.

How? It’s an instant perspective adjustment. When comparison makes you feel short-changed, gratitude can shift your focus to all the blessings you do have. And when you’ve been blessed with a lot, thanking God puts you in the humble posture needed to use those gifts well.

Comparison is out to steal your contentment. But the habit of expressing gratitude is an easy way out of its trap. – Andy Stanley

Comparison is such a dangerous road to travel. Andy’s suggestion above is that the road is too narrow and isn’t worth the trip.

He suggests we skip it and instead take the road of gratitude.

We all have something to be thankful for.

In our darkest hour, there is a light shining somewhere.

Something to maybe add to Andy’s suggestion about being thankful. Tell someone.

Tell someone today that you are thankful for them, or even just tell them something you are thankful for.

Just tell someone.

Make it a great day.


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Daily Attitude Email 05 25 22

Last night I had the good fortune to attend the Lifesong Chef’s Table event.

The event was filled with powerful stories and videos of the work Lifesong is doing around the world to care for orphans and those less fortunate.

I was reminded that we all get the chance to make a difference in the lives of those who don’t have it as easy as we do.

I left wanting to pass this opportunity along.

Here’s a link to their site to make a donation:

If this isn’t your thing – find something that matters to you.

Donate some money.

Donate some time.

Share their information on FaceBox.

You can and do make a difference.

Make it a great day.


Daily Attitude Email 05 24 22

It seems like the news cycle has taken a turn for the worse this year and it reminded me of this email I sent out in 2020.

If you’re going through hell, keep going. – Winston Churchill

2020 hasn’t been the year many of us had planned.

For some, it has been a truly bad year. Lots of people are suffering.

A brighter future awaits. Our ancestors have been through more and we’re all better off because of it.

I’m not making light of the suffering. It’s real. The stress and anxiety are real. Hunger and disease are real. Evil is real.

We must keep going. Moving forward together. Building a future that leaves things better than we found.

Make it a great day.