Friday Morning Toe Tapper

Wow. That is the first thing that came to mind after I watched this after someone posted it on the FaceBox.

At first I was ready for a good chuckle, but instead I ended up just a little inspired and ready to take on the day.

Some of my favorite lines:

If you believe, you can do it.

It is your world, you are the creator.

There is freedom on this canvas.

Relax. Let if flow.

There are no mistakes. Just happy accidents.

I remember watching Bob Ross on TV and being amazed as what seemed like scribbles and random brush marks turned into a beautiful landscape.

I am always amazed at those people that are creative with things like painting and music.

I am of the belief that we were created with this urge to create.

To create something beautiful.

To create something harmonious.

To create new life.

To create a better future.

To create businesses, social organizations and other mechanisms to allow our visions to come to fruition.

Bob Ross was a prolific creator and through that he appeared to find his purpose and happiness in life.

Let’s go create a great Friday.


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