Daily Attitude Email 7 31 12

I recently heard a speaker say “an acorn can only grow up to be an oak tree”.

Maybe I am just easily impressed but the idea that an acorn becomes an oak tree is nothing short of miraculous to me.

Think about a big, giant oak tree that is decades old. And then think about the comparatively tiny, little acorns it drops every year.

Inside each acorn is the potential for the grand old trees that we see.

And inside each of us is the potential for greatness. Our own unique version of greatness.

Just as an acorn can’t become a pine tree, you also can’t become something you weren’t meant to be.

One of the most difficult parts of our life journey is to find our direction. To set our sail. To find our true north.

Have you found yours?

Do you know what kind of acorn you are?

Make it a great day.


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