Friday Morning Toe Tapper

Faith. What a powerful part of creating the life we want.

Below is an excerpt from the book “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. The first quote is something he quoted from a successful newspaper editor who attributed his success to this simple statement.

This is (so far) the best explanation of faith that I have seen in any of the books I have read.

“A man who is self-reliant, positive, optimistic, and undertakes his work with the assurance of success magnetizes his condition. He draws to himself the creative powers of the universe.”

It is indeed a fact that the person who thinks with positive self-reliance and optimism does magnetize his condition and releases power to attain his goal. So expect the best at all times. Never think of the worst. Drop it out of your thought, relegate it. Let there be no thought in your mind that the worst will happen. Avoid entertaining the concept of the worst, for whatever you take into your mind can grow there. Therefore take the best into your mind and only that. Nurture it, concentrate on it, emphasize it, visualize it, prayerize it, surround it with faith. Make it your obsession. Expect the best, and spiritually creative mind power aided by God will produce the best.

Make it a great Friday.


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