Daily Attitude Email 1 10 13

Books can be a bridge between one person and another.

At Mavidea this quarter we are all reading “Great by Choice”.

And while I think it is a great book, I am more excited about the bridges we can build between each other. The new lines of communication we can form by talking about the book together.

I look forward to hearing and seeing the difference this makes as we all work together to become a better version of Mavidea.

Anytime you read a book you are at the very least building a bridge between yourself and the author.

Getting to know their feelings, philosophy and thoughts.

Reading books allows us to let those feelings, thoughts and philosophy touch and shape our own. And through this we are hopefully able to grown and learn. We become wiser and stronger.

For those of you at Mavidea who aren’t readers, I hope you embrace this opportunity to read a good book and let it impact your life.

For those of you non-Mavideans who aren’t readers, I hope you pick up a book and let it make a difference for you.

For those you who love books and are already on this caper, keep it up.

Make it a great day.


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