Daily Attitude Email – 12/30/13

Good morning from Green Bay, Wisconsin!!

The temperature was -9 as I drove in, the gate to our parking lot is frozen shut, but a 33-28 road victory for our beloved Packers is the water cooler conversation.

As I stand in for Jake attitude email, there are dozens of clichés that I could pull from yesterday’s game. Instead I’ll share a story of friendship and camaraderie.

Much like Mavidea, the one thing that is most important to ITConnexx is our “family-like” culture. As our CEO, my favorite sound is laughter echoing through the building.

It’s not uncommon for one person to host a party and the entire company is invited. For yesterday’s Packer/Bear game, one of our employees (Gregg) hosted a party and several of us attended. Gregg has the misfortune of being married to a Bear’s fan. Watching the game in mixed company means that somebody is happy on every play. Even when your team has a bad play, it’s hard to be upset when you’re surrounded by the laughter and cheering of friends and family.

Have a fun day today.


Brian O’Shaughnessy


ITConnexx, Inc.

205 Doty St.

Suite 102

Green Bay, WI 54301

Direct – (920) 857-3208

Mobile – (920) 366-6204

Website – www.itconnexx.com

LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/in/oshaughnessyb

Facebook – www.facebook.com/boshaughnessy

Facebook – www.facebook.com/itconnexx

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