The Phrase That Pays (Tony Edition)

JD – Tony’s is still the only interview I have ever had to put on hold until the candidate stopped laughing.

EB – I still have not recovered from Tony attempting to squeeze the life out of me. I now know what a blank feels like.

JW – I will eat you. – Tony Brook

MS* – Wow, that really made a dent in the budget when we added in the line item to replace/replenish the Nerf Arsenal after Tony leaves.

One of the best things about Mavidea is the relationships we create with each other.

Tony has put in his two weeks and is moving on.

It is better to have worked together and lost than never to have worked together at all….

Each person that comes through the doors at Mavidea leaves a permanent mark on Mavidea, the Mavideans they work with and our customers. And Tony has certainly done that.

Each day is a new opportunity to make that impact a positive one for you, your team and our customers. I am thankful that Tony chose to make so many positive impacts over the years.

We will certainly miss Tony around here, but we were also very blessed to have worked with him.

End of Tony love fest.

Make it a great day.


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