Daily Attitude Email 11 28 16


It’s officially the Christmas season. This song was one of the first ones I heard this year.

In a few of the stories and books I have read about WWI and WWII there were Christmas cease fires on the line at various points. Soldiers told stories of songs being sung and special meals for all. In that moment each side forgot about war and remembered their loved ones.

With the elections season we just had and the continued unease around our nation, Christmas seems just a little more important this year.

I sincerely hope that all sides of every fight can take a breather, at least for Christmas. That the war can be over for at least a little while.

But as we think about the grander hopes for human kind, we must also remember our role in the whole thing.

It’s easy to point our fingers and shake our heads at those big meanies talking about each other on TV.

It’s much harder to forgive and love our neighbors.

I would like each of us to consider taking a break for Christmas.

To exchange love for hate.

To exchange patience and kindness for impatience and greed.

To put others first and let ourselves fall into the background.

I’m not naïve enough to think that we can keep this up forever. Wars will continue (some things are worth fighting for), we won’t magically become perfect people for good.

But it sure seems like we could use a push towards the good side of the ledger, just for Christmas at least.

Make it a great day and Merry Christmas.


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