Daily Attitude Email 12 28 16

Next up on the list of suggested to-dos before the new year – take a long hard look in the mirror.

Take the time to really look at where you are vs. where you could be.

Be brutally honest with yourself.

If you are working on your weight, use the scale.

If you are working on your finances, check your balances.

If you are working on your relationships, take the most honest and impartial in your life out to lunch.

Shine the brightest most objective light you can on whatever it is that is important to you.

Write down the results. Honestly reflect on what they mean.

Did you really do your best this year?

Are you really growing?

A large part of getting to where you want to go is knowing where you are starting from.

Make it a great day.


PS – Bonus point – don’t let this be a guilt trip. The point isn’t to let someone or yourself make you feel bad. The point is to find out what happened and where you ended up so you can keep going or change direction.

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