Daily Attitude Email 1 25 17


This video is longer than what I usually share, but there is a lot of good stuff in there.

He illustrates a great example of the importance of attitude.

Some see the Millennials as a bunch of complaining, entitled young people who don’t get it.

Instead, Simon sees the opportunity.

A whole generation (and a very large one) of young people desperate to be influenced in a positive way.

The opportunity to impact future generations is huge.

And those of us over the age of 30 or so have a tremendous responsibility to do our best with it.

Not to complain about how “they just don’t get it”.

We must lead by example and be what we hope they will grow up to be.

Honesty, character, integrity, love, faith, hope – all of these things will always need to be modeled and taught. And others will always be wanting to learn.

There is much more to the video than the idea I am sharing above, so please watch it. Simon shares some good ideas on modeling and encouraging that might spark you on your journey.

One last thought:

I’m pro-Millennial because I am pro people. I believe that God made each of us unique and that he has a special place planned for everyone. I’m just hoping to play my part and want to encourage you as you play yours.

Make it a great day.


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