Daily Attitude Email 03 08 17

Once every two weeks I have the good fortune of eating lunch with a few other small business owners at Bandana’s.

One of the people in our meeting is the owner, Anthony.

Yesterday he told the story of a family whose son had recently passed away. He told of how they came in all the time and he had gotten to know them. The boy had requested Bandana’s garlic bread after his chemo treatments.

It was a great reminder to cherish every day and to not miss a moment with our loved ones.

It was also a great reminder of the power of service to others.

I’m guessing that buttering and toasting the bread is pretty low on the “desirable jobs to do at Bandana’s” list.

But it was the most important job in the place on those days when that young boy got his bread.

The person making the bread most likely had no idea. The bread just got made as usual. Another task on a long list of seemingly unimportant to dos in a busy day.

Imagine the difference between making bread to cheer up a sick and dying child and making bread to just get through the day and get a paycheck.

We each have the opportunity to choose our attitudes as we go about our day and our service to others.

We never truly know the impact of our interactions with and service to others. We don’t get to see or hear the whole story.

All we get is the opportunity. The opportunity to serve with love. To do our best with whatever is in front of us. No matter how big or how small.

Seize your opportunities today. Do your best with everything in front of you.

Make it a great day.


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