Daily Attitude Email 04 19 17


This is one my favorite short little excerpts from Jim Rohn.

4 simple questions to get you moving in a positive direction.

1. Why? What is your why? What gets you going?

2. Why not? Jim says “You going to be here until you die, might as well.” Are there any legitimate reasons for you to not move forward and take action?

3. Why not you? This one gets to the heart of it. You are capable of greatness. Never forget that. YOU can do it.

4. Why not now? No time like the present. Sure, the excuses can pile up pretty quick. But so can the results. Just get started.

Whether you are 5 or 85, I think these questions apply to you.

And I’m confident that a little bit of thoughtful introspection in answering these questions can drive you to do and be better.

Let’s go do it.

Make it a great day.


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