Daily Attitude Email 04 26 17

Today is Administrative Professionals Day.

At Mavidea, that means we get to honor and be thankful for Susie.

Susie is a great example of the many things I try to talk about in these daily attitude emails, but today I will pick on just one of them.

Administrative Professionals Day is a great reminder of the power of service to others.

Susie is a great example of this ideal of service.

She consistently finds ways to help and be of service, both large and small.

She also is of service whether there is credit or kudos to be had or not.

Watching Susie be of service inspires me to follow her example and find ways to serve.

And that is power behind all of these little acts of service – that they inspire others to do more of the same.

Today we are reminded of the special gift of service Susie provides. Let us also be inspired to follow her lead.

Make it a great day.


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