Daily Attitude Email 05 09 17

Last night was Oliver’s very first tball practice.

We laughed and cheered while Oliver and the rest of the little boys ran around and played catch.

I was thinking about it afterwards and thought there might be a good life lesson in there for the rest of us.

When a child first does anything (walk, play tball, etc.) we cheer them on as they learn and grow.

We don’t correct their mistakes, we cheer on their efforts.

But when we look at ourselves, we tend to be a little harder on ourselves.

We try something new and criticize ourselves for not doing it right.

We get to work on a new habit but give up as soon as we have a bad day.

What if instead we took the same perspective we did towards tball?

We cheered on the efforts and the fun.

We corrected and coached, but gently.

We encouraged ourselves and others on the same journey.

Let’s try to be a little more kid like in our approach to growth and learning.

Make it a great day.


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