Daily Attitude Email 05 16 17

In one of the interviews of Jim Rohn they asked him what his best advice would be on parenting.

He said something like “if the parents are ok, the kids usually turn out ok.”

The point was that the best way for parents to influence their children was through their own development.

The mental picture I have is of “pouring into”. We can best pour into others when our cup is overflowing.

When we give all that is in our cup, we have no more to give.

When we fill our cup each day, we can give and give and give.

I think the same thing goes for all our relationships.

Want to be a good coworker? Fill yourself with positivity and skills that can help those around you.

Want to be a good friend? Be that person who is full of life that others want to be around.

Think about an important relationship in your life.

What might you do to fill your cup up more so that you can pour into that relationship more?

Make it a great day.


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