Daily Attitude Email 06 08 17

The kids were watching “The Sandlot” yesterday when I got home. It reminded me of this email I sent out last year.

Don’t overthink it and keep trying.

Another lesson from the article with the top 11 lessons learned from “The Sandlot”.

At first the main character has a really hard time learning how to play baseball. There are several hilarious scenes while he overthinks the mechanics of throwing and catching a baseball.

But he keeps trying.

And eventually quits overthinking it.

And it gets a lot easier.

As adults, we tend to let overthinking and worrying keep us from doing something challenging and new.

We think ourselves right out of it. Or even worse, we think ourselves right out of enjoying something new.

The challenge is to try something new and keep trying without all of the overthinking.

Make it a great day.



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