Daily Attitude Email 06 14 17

Today marks Meaghan and I’s 15th anniversary.

Each anniversary I am tempted to write the daily attitude email as some kind of sappy love letter to Meaghan, but I’m guessing that none of you want to read that.

In yesterday’s email I wrote about the legacy my grandmother left behind.

A big part of that was being married to my grandfather for 63 years. With our anniversary falling so close I can’t help but think about how much of a positive influence their marriage has been on mine and many others.

Each of has an opportunity to be a light for others.

To show them that love can win.

To show them that the good guys don’t finish last.

My grandparents did that through their 63 years of marriage.

And each day I am thankful for Meaghan and the light she shows me in our marriage.

Being married to Meaghan these 15 years has been a true blessing.

My sincerest hope is that our marriage is a blessing to her as well as others around us.

What blessings do you have in your life that might be a light to others?

Make it a great day.


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