Daily Attitude Email 06 19 17

Yesterday was Father’s Day and a great reminder of “Jake’s 51% rule”.

The 51% rule says that overall the world is always at least 51% good.

Seeing all of the pictures and posts on FaceBox reminded me of this.

Usually, my FaceBox feed includes a fair amount of political ranting and negative news, but not yesterday.

It was a great reminder that despite the negative news and people saying that “everything is going to hell in a hand basket” (whatever that means), most people actually have people in their lives that care a lot about them and people that they care about.

Are there bad dads out there? Sure. But there are a lot more good ones.

Are there relationships and hearts that are broken? Sure. But there are a lot more that are full.

Are there people bent on violence and inflicting pain? Sure. But there are a lot more hugging their children tight and tucking them into bed.

I’m not saying we should ignore or pretend that the evils of this world don’t exist.

I’m saying let’s spend a little more time realizing the most of us, most of the time have it pretty good.

Make it a great day.


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