Daily Attitude Email 07 13 17


We often look at it as though humility is to downplay our accomplishments, ignore our virtues, etc. Some take this to an extreme by continually reminding themselves of their unworthiness in an attempt to keep themselves ‘humble’.

But this is not humility.

Humility is a state of total honesty with oneself. It is not a mentality of worthlessness. Christ was humble, but he also outright proclaimed that he was the son of God. In no way did he see himself as worthless, or unworthy. From this we can learn that it is possible to be humble and still acknowledge your virtues.

Pride and Self Loathing are two sides of the same coin in that they are both fueled by dishonesty.

Pride is ignoring your faults and magnifying your virtues.

Self-Loathing is ignoring your virtues and magnifying your faults.

Humility is acknowledging and accepting both in their true measure.

Only from this place of honesty can you move forward and be the best version of yourself.

Michael Cluney

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