Daily Attitude Email 09 21 17

Last Friday, the Mavidea crew gave me an anniversary card to recognize today – the 7th anniversary of the “Daily Attitude Email”.

I am so very lucky to be surrounded by such a great group of people in my life.

I am both humbled and inspired by the responses and well wishes I have received from all of you over the years.

Without the encouragement and positive feedback, I doubt I would have made it two weeks writing these.

The stories of shared conversations with loved ones and of emails forwarded on leave me inspired to write the next one.

At this stage I’m positive that God put this idea into my heart and that he fuels it day after day.

Not for my glory or recognition, but for his.

Not for my attitude, but for yours.

For whatever reason, he had me slated to send these little emails every day to a very special group of people.

Thanks for being part of that group.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Thanks for being you.

Make it a great day.



  1. Happy “Daily Attitude Anniversary”, Jake! I am so please to be one of your readers. I can’t tell you how many days your message seems to be targeted right on me! I am sure we can all relate to your messages, but you are correct when you say that God is directing you! It is wonderful to open my email each morning and know that I will receive a positive message from you and I can delete the negative and commercial ones! Thank you so much!

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