Friday Morning Toe Tapper

I was looking through the archives of the daily attitude email the other day and came across the email below.

In honor of the Cubs getting into the playoffs again this year, I figured it was appropriate to send out again.

Resending without the approval of the author.

Make it a great day.


Happy Friday!

Sorry to copy Ron’s baseball theme from yesterday (awesome DAE Ron! and Susie!), but I thought this song seemed to be the obvious choice for this week’s toe tapper. You can stop here if you do not want to read my rambling about passionate baseball fans. 😉

(Someday We’ll Go) All The Way – Eddie Vedder official video

I feel I should confess that I am not a Cub fan, and also explain why I am nevertheless inspired by the outcome of this year’s World Series. I grew up on the south side of Chicago, and therefore cheer for "The Go Go White Sox…and whoever plays the Cubs!" (most of the time*). However, I did attend my fair share of games at Wrigley as a kid.

There is something so beautiful about being at a game in an old baseball stadium like that, full of tradition, with family and friends, and the pretty green field outside in the open air. It is so exciting to be there in a crowd of so many others cheering for the same team! There is a certain, deeply felt connection of the human spirit. Loyal fans get to know the players so well and want to share the ups and downs of each season with them and each other. Throw in the fact that there have been generations of families connected by this anticipation that someday they’ll go all the way, and now we have some real emotion surrounding this year’s World Series. If sports are not your thing, think of a concert, a movie or play, or a church experience that moved you and made you feel connected to the people who were there with you.

It is no wonder we know so many people who are so passionate about their Cubbies. This song by Eddie Vedder (I am a big fan of his voice) is a tribute to the team and the field that brings those fans together.

Let us be inspired by the people we know who are so passionate about something!

What are you passionate about?

What puts a smile in your heart and joyful tears in your eyes?

What rejuvenates you, or brings you peace?

What teaches you faith and gives you hope?

What helps you feel ready to do good for others, or connects you with people in some beautiful way?

Make it a great weekend!

Meaghan Davis

*I secretly felt like a Cub fan for the series. How could I not root for Chicago? I stayed up way too late watching game seven because I felt so bad for Aroldis after the eighth inning. When it came right down to it, I really wanted to see those guys win. Way to go, Cubbies. Congrats to all of you loyal, lifetime Cub Fans!

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