Daily Attitude Email 10 10 17

Know your why and nothing gets in the way; if you don’t know your why then everything gets in the way.

Heard this on a podcast yesterday and it seemed like a great way to say something we all know.

When motivated, we capable of doing amazing things.

When distracted and unfocused, the years go by without much progress.

We are lucky to have been born at a time and a place where the motivations of survival are no longer relevant most of the time.

We are able to stretch beyond our basic needs for water and food and shelter and pursue a life of meaning.

We are also living in a time when our opportunities for meaning are easily stolen by distractions and trifles.

It’s so much easier to let our time and resources slip away than it is to stretch ourselves and live a life of meaning.

I’m sure there is a more thoughtful way to work through this if you struggle, but I think we should start with where we are today.

What motivates you today?

Use that to get started.

Refine and adjust from there.

Find your why along the way.

Make it a great day.


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