Daily Attitude Email 10 17 16

God doesn’t want anything from us, he wants things for us. – Andy Stanley

Andy said this in his latest podcast and it really stuck out to me.

Some of my best moments have been when I have gotten myself to have this attitude towards others.

When we can get ourselves to the point of not wanting something from those around us to wanting something for those people we are at our best.

I try to specifically do this in sales and negotiation situations.

I imagine the other person as another child of God’s and imagine what He wants for them and then I work to try to get them there.

Don’t read too much into this, it doesn’t take long in those conversations to get back to worrying about what I want or something else, but I’m working on it.

If you are already great at this, turn it up a notch today.

If you aren’t, try it in a couple of small interactions.

If you think I’m a little weird, thanks for reading any way.

Make it a great day.



  1. Not at all weird, Jake! I’m going to try this at school…not “What do I want of these kids….but what do these kids want from ME?!” Great approach!

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