Friday Morning Toe Tapper

Since it is Meaghan’s birthday today I had to send out the Beatle’s Birthday song.

It’s a great example of Meaghan’s positive influence in my life.

I didn’t even know this song existed until it got played by Meaghan on one of our birthdays.

Our life together has been full of little things like this, and I will be eternally grateful to Meaghan for all the little “adds” she’s brought into my life.

Today, find a moment to remember a few little “adds” that others have brought into your life and thank them.

Maybe it’s that food you never would have tried but now love.

Maybe it’s that show that you both love.

Maybe it’s that author that inspired you both.

Maybe it’s a song that takes you back to a special time and place.

Whatever it is, be thankful for it and tell them.

Make it a great day.


PS – I’m thankful for Meaghan!

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