Daily Attitude Email 03 28 18

After Easter, there is another classic Christian story that is told almost every year – the story of Doubting Thomas.

The story goes that after Jesus rose from the dead one of the disciples (Thomas) said he wouldn’t believe that Jesus had risen until he saw the wound marks from the crucifixion. Jesus shows these marks and Thomas believes.

It is hard to believe without seeing.

Whether it be in a risen savior or in yourself.

Belief is such an important part of the process of goal achievement and personal development.

Fortunately, we can all “see” the results we want to achieve in our minds and in the results others have achieved.

We are fortunate to live in a time with so much written down and documented about the success (and failures) of others.

As you look at your life and any potential changes you want to make, believe in the change by seeing it first.

Picture it in your mind and find proof of someone else that has done it.

Once that belief is built, you are on your way.

Make it a great day.


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