Daily Attitude Email 05 22 18

Another great life lesson from “The Sandlot” is that you have to go outside to make friends.

At the beginning of the movie the main character’s mom tells him that she wants him to get outside and get into trouble (but not too much).

We all need to get outside in order to accomplish our goals and dreams.

Both metaphorically and literally.

Outside of our comfort zone in order to grow as a person.

Outside of the comfort of home in order to grow our view of the world.

This thought may be even more important in our time than it was for the character in the movie. We have even more opportunity to spend our time inside our comfort zone and comfortable space than others have in the past.

Getting past this layer of insulation from the outside world is essential to becoming all that we were meant to be. We were meant for so much more.

What is one way that you can “go outside” today?

What can you do to change your perspective and grow past where you currently are?

Make it a great day.


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