Daily Attitude Email 10 31 18

Out of town this year, missing Halloween with the family and it reminded me of this daily attitude email I’d sent before…..

Confession time….Halloween is not my favorite holiday.

If we didn’t have kids or kids coming around trick or treating, I’m sure Halloween would come and go without me hardly noticing.

But having kids puts you into all kinds of situations that change your mind about things.

While it’s still not my favorite, Halloween sure is a lot more fun with the kiddos around.

Meaghan does an awesome job of getting costumes and jack-o-lanterns together with the kids and a fun time is had by all – even dad.

The point here for all of us is that if we are open to new things and relationships, we will be surprised what you’ll find.

I know this is something for me to work on…..lucky God sent me three little kids and a wonderful wife to help.

Make it a great day.


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