Friday Morning Toe Tapper

Resending this “Toe Tapper” from a few years ago….

This one goes out to Meaghan. Between her and the girls, I have heard this one many times this week.

I have a confession to make though. I may not actually believe this is the best song ever.

But the message is a great reminder of the power of a great song.

I am sure we all have a song that moves us.

A song that brings back happy memories.

A hymn from church that pulls at our heart every time.

A classic song that injects just a little bit of our youth back into us.

A slow song that reminds us of that first dance at our wedding.

Go find the YouTube for one of these songs today and listen to it. Let it take you places.

Make it a great day.


PS – Bonus points for those that "Reply All" with their "Best Song Ever" for everyone else to hear. Please try to keep them relatively clean (that warning was for Erik as I know the rest of you are way too mature to send out something inappropriate).

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