Daily Attitude Email 1 7 18

Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny. CS Lewis

Many of the stories of successful people also include a period of hardship.

Many have escaped abusive situations and used these difficulties to drive them forward.

I once heard Condoleeza Rice say "It is a privilege to struggle."

Struggle and difficulty are common to all of us. We may not have the same degree or difficulty, but we all have experienced difficulty.

Through our struggles and strife we able to relate with our fellow men and women who experience the same.

Just as struggle and difficulty are common, so is the antidote.

Inside of each of us is the capability to dream and then create a new future for ourselves. One that is away from our current struggles and hardships. One that is away from the current pain.

Encourage and grab on to those dreams of yours. Start working to make them a reality. Begin to let go of the struggles and hardship.

And make it a great day.


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