Friday Morning Toe Tapper

This song reminds me of something I say a lot (that I probably stole from my dad) – “it’s all going to work out in the end.”

I don’t know how and I’m not sure when, but I’m sure of it.

One of the biggest lessons that has come from thinking of this over the years is that when it does “work out in the end” it is always different than I thought and more times than not, it’s better.

We have a desire to know and control our future.

We worry.

We fret.

We’re filled with anxiety.

And it all works out in the end.

Something I pray and hope for frequently is peace.

Life’s too short to spend it filled with anxiety and worry.

As you begin the new year, I encourage you to seek out peace. To be the kind of person that brings and shares peace everywhere you go.

Make it a great day.


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