Daily Attitude Email 01 30 19

We are supposed to get some really low temperatures here in Central IL tomorrow and Thursday.

For some reason I’ve always liked going out in the extreme cold, heat, rain, snow, etc. (only for a few minutes, don’t want you think I’m actually tough).

I think I like the reminder that I am alive.

The extremes wake us up from the comfort we are used to.

The same can be true in the rest of our lives.

Maybe that extreme diet will help shock you into thinking differently about food.

Maybe you should sign up for that marathon.

Maybe you should cancel the cable, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

My suggestion is to at least search a little.

Go looking for something that will shake you up a bit.

Make it a great day.


Legal disclaimer – be smart about all of this. Don’t be stupid and go outside in your underpants today – things will end really badly for you.

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