Daily Attitude Email 05 23 19

I try not to think too hard, take a deep breath and jump. I’ve failed enough in life and work that I no longer have rigid attachments around outcomes. The things that don’t work out were never meant to happen.

—Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder, Moon Juice

I read this quote in an article and it painted a great picture of faith.

Faith that it will all work out in the end.

Faith that even though it doesn’t work out my way, it still worked out.

I especially liked her idea of “no longer having rigid attachments around outcomes”.

Focusing in on the journey instead of holding on to some preconceived notion of what the outcome should be is a great step towards less stress and more happiness.

Where could you use a little more faith?

Where should you let go of your rigid attachments to outcomes?

Make it a great day.


If you want to read a couple more good quotes on being fearless, here is the entire article:


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