Daily Attitude Email 07 29 19

I was looking through old DAEs and came across this one. Sending again even though it isn’t really Veteran’s Day.

Today is Veteran’s Day. Yesterday we had the great fortune of having a Korean War veteran speak at church.

He spoke of how those that gave their lives in combat didn’t get to have some of the experiences that he has had.

I thought to myself that that’s what it means to give your life. To exchange all of those experiences in exchange for something else.

Think about all of the experiences you have had since you were 18 or 20. That’s what they have given.

The wedding that never happened.

The birth of those children that never came to pass.

The simple joys of a great meal, a cold glass of water and the many daily joys we often take for granted.

All that served gave something. They gave up their time in exchange for our freedom.

And each day we choose how to use that freedom.

We choose to make the world a better place or to put our needs before others.

We choose to enjoy our freedom and experiences or to complain and bemoan our circumstances.

Their job was to give. Our job is to make the most of that gift.

Each and every day we make the choice.

Choose to respect their gift and honor their sacrifice.

Thank you to all of the Veterans who receive this email.

Make it a great day.


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