Daily Attitude Email 08 20 19

The reward of suffering is experience. – Harry S Truman

I don’t know about you, but most of the time I avoid the whole suffering thing.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of complaining Meaghan has to listen to when I stub my toe or have some minor malady that causes a bit of suffering.

As I get a little older and wiser though I’m beginning to see the positive side of (some) suffering.

David Goggins (ex Navy Seal, ultra runner, etc.) talks about it a lot. He puts himself through all of these ridiculous workouts and physical challenges.


Because he has found that suffering builds confidence through experience.

It builds the confidence that we can meet difficult and challenging objectives, that we can improve and give more than we thought.

And for the Christians on the list – it can and does bring us closer to Christ if we lean in to Him during our suffering.

Got any ideas on how you might encounter a little experience and confidence building suffering?

Make it a great day.


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