Daily Attitude Email 09 04 19

“Some people say it is wrong to regard life as a game. I don’t think so. Life to me means the greatest of all games.

The danger lies in treating it as a trivial game, a game to be taken lightly, and a game in which the rules don’t matter much.

The rules matter a great deal. The game has to be played fairly, or it is no game at all. And even to win the game is not the chief end.

The chief end is to win honorably and splendidly. To this chief end several things are necessary.

Loyalty is one. Discipline is another. Unselfishness is another. Courage is another. Optimism is another. And Chivalry is another."

The above quote is from Ernest Shackleton.

For some reason quotes from that long ago (he passed away in 1922) really stand out to me.

Seems to me that he hit the nail on the head and he didn’t even have Google or a smartphone to help him.

Read it over a time or two.

Let it sink in a little.

Then get to winning.

Make it a great day.


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