Daily Attitude Email 10 9 19

A relationship is NOT a place you go to GET, it’s a place you go to GIVE.

To those most dear to us we get to GIVE our ENERGY, our pure LOVE, and our open HEART.

LIFE IS PRECIOUS! Let’s not wait to say I love you… to smile, to stay in our heart, to laugh together, to be completely present and connected.

Why not take a moment now to decide how YOU will show-up in your relationships every day.

Who are YOU willing to BECOME for the ones you love?

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins posted this on the FaceBox the other day and it really stood out to me.

We are all born with a need to be loved and to be in relationship.

One of life’s great mysteries is that the path to that love and those relationships is through giving ourselves in loving service to others.

Relationships are not where we go to be filled up, but the best place to empty ourselves into those we’ve deemed worthy of that level of giving.

Only in this flow of life do we live the lives we were created for.

Tony asks “Who are you willing to become for the ones you love?”

I think he asks this because of this “flow” and “in and out” nature of giving.

The “bigger” we become, the more we can pour in and out. Who you become is like the size of your cup (or bucket or gas tank or ocean), you can only pour the size of that cup out on our loved ones.

It’s the reason the hard work of change and growth is worth it. We grow out of our current capacity in order to pour more out on those who matter most.

Make it a great day.


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