Daily Attitude Email 10 15 19

I was getting ready to do some complaining in my head about something Meaghan had done (or not done, I honestly don’t remember), when I had this thought pop into my head:

“You are about to complain about the best thing going on in your life.”

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of complaining.

Especially about those closest to us.

We can see their flaws and their respective solutions so easily (we think).

But we wouldn’t trade that person for anything.

If they were gone tomorrow, we’d trade anything for one more day.

Instead of complaining or finding fault, let’s try to be thankful and look for the good stuff.

Let’s think so much about the good stuff we can’t imagine any bad.

Make it a great day.


Come to think of it….that thing I was going to complain about….that was my fault, not Meaghan’s. Glad I didn’t open my mouth.

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