Daily Attitude Email 12 9 19

“But on Christmas Eve this year, I can say to you that, at last, we may look forward into the future with real, substantial confidence that, however great the cost, peace on earth, goodwill toward men can be and will be realized and ensured,” Roosevelt said in his radio address , reaching Ladd Field via Fairbanks’s KFAR radio. “This year I can say that. Last year, I could not do more than express a hope.”“American boys are fighting today in snow-covered mountains, in malarial jungles, on blazing deserts,” he said near the end of the address. “They are fighting on the far stretches of the sea and above the clouds, and fighting for the thing for which they struggle.” – "81 Days Below Zero: The Incredible Survival Story of a World War II Pilot in Alaska’s Frozen Wilderness" by Brian Murphy

Saturday was Pearl Harbor Day.

It’s a day to remember an important moment in American history.

It’s also a day to remember that there are still troops fighting for us in “snow-covered mountains, in malarial jungles, on blazing deserts”.

Let’s remember those who have served and those who are serving.

Make it a great day.


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