Daily Attitude Email 01 28 20

What you reap, you also sow.

We have all heard some version of this. Whether we read it in the Bible or a newer version of it in books like “The Go-Giver”, this little truth has been around for a long time.

One of the important things to realize about this is that it is like gravity. It is there whether you are paying attention or not. It is there whether you are purposeful about leveraging it or are just dealing with the consequences of it.

Each and every day, we are sowing seeds that will grow.

We are sowing seeds in each interaction we have with others.

We are sowing seeds through our daily habits.

We are sowing seeds through our thoughts and attitudes.

The question becomes, what are you sowing?

An inexperienced gardener doesn’t know the difference between a carrot seed and a tomato seed. An inexperienced gardener doesn’t know whether the seeds he just planted need lots of sun or room to grow.

This is where most of us get stuck. Without some wisdom and knowledge, we aren’t sure what seeds we are sowing or what to do with them once they are planted.

Fortunately, there is help.

First, we can look at the fruit we currently have. This is a great way to learn what kinds of seeds you are sowing. Take stock in your life. Look around and see what kind of fruits are growing. Then decide if you want more or less of a certain fruit.

Second, we can read books. All kinds of people have written books about their experiences sowing seeds and the fruits they experienced. Reading a book can help you determine whether those seeds you are sowing are carrots or tomatoes and what is the best way to get the most fruit you can from them.

Lastly, we can ask a mentor or coach. Asking someone else to help us identify the seeds we are planting and the fruit we are growing can illustrate how we could do things differently. They can also share their experiences and show us the results they have gotten from sowing similar seeds.

Make it a great day of sowing.


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