Daily Attitude Email 02 03 20

Last night was the big game. The Super Bowl.

We don’t watch many sportsing shows at the Davis house, but we try to watch the Super Bowl every year.

There’s a lot wrong in the world of professional sports, but there’s also something magical about it.

We all can appreciate the excellence and hard work represented by those at the top of their profession.

But I think the real magic lies in the shared experience.

The shared experience shared by the teammates.

The shared experience of knowing so many others are watching the game.

The shared experience of a little family watching the game in their home.

Shared experiences have power.

Pay attention to your days and your moments this week.

How can you create a better shared experience with teammates, family and friends this week?

What can you do to bring the group together?

What part can you play in making things better.

Make it a great day.


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