Daily Attitude Email 03 12 20

Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you. -John DePaola

I have also heard success or happiness described as a butterfly. You can run around all day long trying to catch the butterfly, but only when you slow down and stay still will it come to you and rest on you.

This is another of life’s great mysteries. You must continually move forward in the direction of your dreams but at the same time be calm, peaceful and slow down in order to attract the results you want.

Think about some of your life goals, maybe there are one or two that require you to slow down a little.

Maybe you need to slow down a little and enjoy some slow moments with your small child before they aren’t so small anymore.

Maybe a coworker needs you to just slow down and listen for a little while.

Maybe you need to slow down and spend time with your spouse or a close friend just talking about nothing in particular.

Maybe you need some quiet reading and reflection time to get through a tough time or problem.

Maybe you need to lighten your schedule a little so you can make those wise food or money decisions needed to meet your goals.

I am sure we all have something that if we would just slow down it would come right around and catch us.

Make it a great day.


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