Daily Attitude Email 04 27 20

Business, business, business…..numbers, numbers, numbers.

That is one of Maggie’s favorite movie lines (I think it is from the Lego movie and is probably misquoted).

In business, we tend to try to boil things down to numbers. We try to get to the numbers that really matter and we work hard to move them in the right direction.

Some view this as the evil of business, but I actually think (within reason) that it is a good thing.

It reminds me of sports.

Part of the reason sports are interesting and good for us is that there is a scoreboard. There is a real possibility of winning and losing.

When we face the real possibility of winning or losing we are able to push ourselves past what we thought was possible. We are able to do something that we didn’t think we could. Or we can’t. Either way, we learn and grow and move on to do better next time.

Business can be the same way. We face the real prospect of winning or losing. We face our fears and stand up to our challenges. And we either meet the test or don’t. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. But we can certainly learn and grow from it.

And what about you? You the person. What are your numbers? What number is most important to you right now? What could you boil down to a number?

Do you need to get a FitBit and count your steps?

Do you need to quit a bad habit and have a goal of zero?

Do you need to set a financial goal?

Do you need to set a time spent with my kids goal?

Be creative and set yourself a goal. A numerical, set in stone kind of goal.

And play your best, win or lose.

Make it a great day.


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