Friday Morning Toe Tapper

Sending this one out in honor of “The Last Dance” that a few of us are watching.

Watching the show has reminded me again of the special place that sports can play in our society and lives.

It’s more than just the money, advertising or shoe sales.

Sports at its best pits worthy competitors against each other. Each one doing their best. Each one doing something they couldn’t have done without the sharpening effect of competition. The competitors finding something inside themselves that is transcendent.

That’s probably a little too philosophical for a rap song with “Bulls!” cut in a whole bunch of times.

Even so – think today about what doing your best really means.

What it means for your family.

What it means for your coworkers.

What it means for you.

The Bulls team and the show about them has reminded me that doing our best matters. Doing and being the best version of ourselves is worth it. Hiding and shirking are to be avoided. Striving and trying are to be pursued.

Make it a great day.


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