Daily Attitude Email 05 19 20

Last week they sent out an 8th grade graduation video for Maggie’s school. In it they announced some award winners for the school and Maggie got the Shawn Twyford award for being positive and a good friend to all.

I’m sure this is just a proud dad moment, but if I could have picked an award for her to win it would have been that one.

Math is great, attendance is great, and sportsing is great, but I’m convinced that in the end the relationships and our attitude matter more.

But this isn’t an email just to brag about how awesome Maggie is.

The award was a reminder of all the awards that are easiest to chase in life.

Most money.

Best stuff.

Handsomest husband.

Best behaved children.

Looks the best in a swimsuit.


We get sucked into running around and chasing awards that maybe shouldn’t be on the top of our list.

What really matters is how much we have served others in love. How much of ourselves we have gladly given up for others. The relationships and love we have fostered.

What awards are you trying to win? What has your focus and attention?

Make it a great day.


PS – All of the made up awards above are not bad awards. Some might even be the most important to you right now, but make sure you are choosing them on purpose with purpose.

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