Daily Attitude Email 06 02 20

Today is my brother’s 40th birthday.

Many of you have heard a few stories over the year and already know that Bill is a special person.

I consider myself lucky to have a brother that I know I can depend on.

Despite his keen awareness of my many shortcomings, he loves me and supports me.

For this, I am extremely grateful.

We all have innate desire to be known and loved.

If you are lucky enough to have someone like this in your life, call or text them today and tell them how thankful you are.

If you don’t, I’d encourage to pray and work towards it.

Relationships are hard and being vulnerable is even harder still, but it’s worth it.

As the world seems to spin out of control with conflict and turmoil, now is a great time to lean into the important relationships of our lives.

To come closer to the ones that matter most.

Happy birthday, Uncle Bill!

Make it a great day.


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