Daily Attitude Email 07 21 20

One of the great things about writing this email every day is that I am forced to try and articulate my thoughts on some of the difficult areas of life.

Whether it be the balance between risk and reward or the balance between contentment and aspiration, the topics discussed are not easily defined and most days I’m not sure I understand what I am trying to write about.

But enough about the trials and tribulations of writing daily attitude emails, how is this applicable to others?

Forcing yourself to wade into and have the difficult philosophical discussions of life is an important part of understanding yourself and the world around you.

Stepping and leaning into the harder conversations is a big part of breaking through into deeper and stronger relationships with those around you.

Breaking old and established lines of thought by forcing them through the ringer of logic and language will also serve to grow us both in intelligence and maturity.

Are you having the difficult conversations?

Are you getting to the point of understanding those around you on a deeper level? Do they feel the same about you?

I know it can be hard, frustrating and maybe even make things worse for a short time, but it is worth it in the long run. One of the biggest benefits of having written these emails for so long is that others in my life have gotten insight into my thought processes.

I’m not suggesting you send out an email every day (only a crazy person would think they have something to say that often), but maybe some conversations could be had that aren’t happening right now. Maybe a meaningful email to someone on your team explaining your point of view would help bring closure to an outstanding issue.

Make it a great day.


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