Daily Attitude Email 09 21 20

Today marks ten years that I’ve been sending out the “Daily Attitude Email”.

A lot has happened at Mavidea since I started sending these.

Staff have come and gone (customers too).

Annie and Oliver were born (and Maggie became a teenager).

Some things went our way and some didn’t.

Life happened.

Through it all though the exercise of trying to write about a positive attitude daily in order to be of service to others has been a big help to me.

My brother asked me the other day “why daily and why keep going?” I didn’t really have a good answer (and still don’t).

I think the momentum got started and I think it’s helped a few people along the way.

Sending a daily email might not be your thing, but there’s probably some small discipline you could add to make the world a little better.


Phone calls to old friends?

Giving money to charity?

Fixing a friend’s car/house/computer.

We all have the capacity to contribute.

Thanks for letting me try to contribute.

Make it a great day.


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