Daily Attitude Email 10 13 20

My (little) brother Bill sent me this to send out to everyone as a DAE. He’s kinda cool and stuff.

I have been reading the book Radical Candor with some of my colleagues at Ameren. There are many things I like about this book but one thing that jumped out at me was a nuanced quote about Steve Jobs. The Former CEO of Intel, Andy Grove, remarked that "F-ing Steve always gets it right" and the author said "Nobody’s always right." but Andy replied "I didn’t say Steve is always right. I said he always gets it right. Like anyone, he is wrong all the time, but he insists and not gently, that people tell him when he’s wrong. So, he always gets it right in the end."

I don’t know what it is like working at Mavidea but I do know my brother. If you think he is wrong, I guarantee he will listen to understand; so speak up.

Make no mistake, Mavidea is what you make it.

Disclaimer: My brother and I don’t talk business. We mostly engage in stereotypical masculine exchanges that are a cover for an unexplainable brotherly bond created by unknowingly being best friends for our entire childhood. And this is coming from the "little brother." J J

Make it a great day.


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